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Monday, 29 December 2014

Choker necklace cravings

What I hate about blogs is that they make me believe that I "need" things.. Right now, after Sandra posted about chokers, this is what I would like to order from Asos:

And another thing I hate: internet shops saying "free delivery for orders over €30.00, otherwise €3.00". And when I have products, which I really like and want to have or really need, for 28,75€ in my basket, I start to think "I really need to buy one more thing to get that free delivery". Therefore I end up paying at least 35€ for the whole order, with free delivery, and owning one thing that I really wouldn't have bought otherwise and maybe won't ever be using - instead of paying 31,75€ and owning only things that I really, really wanted to have or needed.

No internet shopping for me and my weak mind, thank you!

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