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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Sunny days and lemon trees

It is as grey and boring weather here in Vilnius as it only can be in November. On days like this it is nice to get some sun and energy at least in the form of photographs! So here comes part one of my photos from a village in the mountains of Cyprus, called Vouni. I made my practical training at The Donkey Sanctuary Cyprus in February-April 2011 and lived in this small, cosy village with an internet connection only in one of the two tavernas, narrow and steep streets, old people and unisolated houses (I'm not missing that occasional inside temperature of +8°C way too much).

Here is the village!

And the lovely view from my window!

I lived in the last house of the village, and along this way I very often walked higher up to the mountains.

And here comes the village!

/ Vouni, Cyprus, February-April 2011

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